• Who Is Running Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

Hong Kong

China's Heavy Hand!

What is Hong Kong’s relationship with China?

Hong Kong, an international finance hub on China’s southern coast with more than seven million residents, was a British colony until 1997, when it was handed back to China under a policy known as one country, two systems. 

Nothing Speaks Louder than your footsteps walking away!

7 Million face upheaval and imprisonment

China has passed a security bill on Hong Kong, without notification and against their agreement made with the UK. Any resident of Hong Kong that demonstrates against this new law could face life in prison.

Their whole freedom of life has stopped in one devasting action.

Protests in Hong Kong

Life in imprisonment!

Find out who's backing China to take over Hong Kong and oppress it's people.


Under that framework, Hong Kong, a former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997...


China is paving the way for more money to flow into Hong Kong and shoring up its status as a financial hub.

Investors and foreign companies have been wary that Hong Kong’s status as a financial hub might be eroded, as China last week went ahead to implement a controversial national security law in the city despite criticism. That has caused friction with Washington, which has said it will revoke Hong Kong’s special trading status with the U.S.

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